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Every Student A Success Story   

Client Charter

1. We will prepare, create and provide various facilities, resources and a learning environment that is productive for the benefit of the students in achieving a high quality education. 

2. We will develop the student to his or her full potential – in aspects of spiritual, emotional and physical growth – towards his or her growth as an individual who is balanced, harmonious and honourable. Thus, we will produce children in our care who will be balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually.

3. We educate all the children equally without reference to their economic background, culture, race and religion. 

4. We are responsive to the requests of our customers – the children that we are educating.

5. We will carry out our duties efficiently, enthusiastically and diligently.

6. We will enhance our professional ethics to be honoured along with the students and society.

7. We will make efforts to diminish self-centeredness. 

8. We will make goodwill and camaraderie with parents and students.

9. We will work towards advancing ideology and national/international development. 

10. We will demonstrate leadership ethics to our students ~ set by example.

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