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Rules & Regulations

Prohibited Conduct

Students may be suspended or expelled from school for sufficient cause. Prohibited conduct is any behaviour incompatible with the school environment and good citizenship and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Attendance: Lateness, absenteeism, truant or being in an unauthorized area and leaving the classroom, building, or assigned area without permission.

    2. Food/Beverages: A student will not eat in nor carry food to unauthorized areas of school i. e. classrooms, hall, auditorium, labs etc.

    3. Cheating/Plagiarism: Students are expected to perform honestly through the production of their own work.

    4. Inappropriate Property: The unauthorized possession or use of any type of electronic, communication or mechanical device, etc., which distracts or impedes the educational process is prohibited.

    5. Student Dress: A student will maintain personal attire and grooming standards that promote safety, health, and acceptable standards of social conduct. All students are expected to wear dress appropriate to the occasion; extreme or ostentatious apparel or appearance is to be avoided. Any article of clothing or accessory or tattoo which advertises alcohol or an illegal substance, displays offensive or obscene language or is gang-related is forbidden. Dress standards shall be set by the principal.

    6. Disruption: Any disruption, which interrupts or interferes with teaching or orderly conduct of school activities, is prohibited. Conduct, which by its nature is so extreme or offensive that it negatively impacts the school or places the student at risk either physically or educationally, will also constitute disruption.

    7. Disrespectful Behaviour: A student will behave in a respectful manner toward teachers/staff and other students. Examples of disrespectful behaviour are: walking away, talking back, refusing to identify self properly, rude behaviour, spitting, and challenging authority.

    8. Insubordination: A student will obey the directions of any staff member. Examples of insubordination are: failure to comply with direction or instruction of a staff member, refusal to work in class, refusal of detention, refusal to participate in in-school alternatives, and refusal to report to in-school suspension.

    9. Profanity/Obscenity: Use of language, gestures, or conduct that is vulgar, profane, obscene or abusive, or disruptive to teaching or learning, and possession of offensive materials such as nude photographs, pornographic videos, etc.

    10. Trespassing: Students, patrons, and school personnel are expected to have appropriate authorization from the administration to be on school property.

    11. Gambling: A student will not play games of skill or chance for money or property or be present at the scene of gambling.

    12. Fighting: Students and school personnel are entitled to a school environment free from threat and the physical aggression of others. The following acts are prohibited: two or more parties striking each other for the purpose of causing bodily harm, threatening, physical abuse, gang activity, and bullying (repeated negative behavior that targets a specific victim.) A student, who is assaulted and retaliates by hitting, kicking, or any other physical means, may be disciplined for fighting.

    13. Defacing/Destroying School or Private Property: A student will not wilfully or maliciously deface, damage, or destroy property belonging to another, including school property at any time and private property while the student is under the school’s jurisdiction. A student or parent/guardian will be held financially responsible for wilful or malicious destruction of school property. Examples are as follows: writing on walls, mirrors, or desks; damaging another’s clothing or property; and graffiti.

    14. Theft/Attempted Theft: A student will not possess or attempt to possess stolen property.

    15. Valuable Properties: Students are not encouraged to bring any valuable properties. i. e. a big sum of cash, jewelleries etc. to school. However if the students have to bring them to school, they must surrender them to the administrative staff for safe keeping till end of the school hours. If these rules are not followed and the valuables are lost, the management will not be held responsible.

    16. Tobacco: The law requires all school buildings to be smoke free. Students are prohibited from the use and possession of tobacco products on school property or in uniform outside.

    17. Weapons/Fireworks:  Students shall not possess, distribute, discharge, or participate in the discharge of fireworks, weapons or similar items.
    18. Sexual Offenses: A student will not engage in sexual or immoral behaviour such as offensive touching, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, obscene phone calls, inappropriate sexual behaviour, or acts of sexual assault.

    19. Harassment or discrimination based on race, colour, sex, disability, national origin, ethnicity or religion: A student will not harass or discriminate against another person based upon that person’s race, colour, sex, disability, national origin, ethnicity or religion.
    20. Bullying: Bullying is any repeated negative behaviour intended to frighten or cause harm and is not reciprocated by the victim, which may include, but is not limited to verbal or written threats (to include social networking) or physical harm. Should a student be aware of any act of bullying committed by another student that takes place in school, on school property or at any school activity, he or she should immediately report this incident to the administration.

    21. Lateness: Students are required to be punctual at all times. If a student comes late to school three times a month, he/she will be given imposition. This will be carried out after school hours, i.e. after 3.30 p.m. or late comers will be issued a detention slip with a drill after school. If he/she continues to come late, he or she will be marked absent and the parents will be informed accordingly.

    22. Attendance: All students are required to achieve an attendance of 95% in each academic term. Failing to achieve so will hinder their promotion to the next level/grade.

    23. Academic Performance: All the students are required to meet the following criteria in each academic year.
      a) Pass with 50% marks in at least five (5) subjects.
      b) It is compulsory for the student to pass in English, Mathematics and Science including two other subjects, which may be from Business Studies, Accounting, Geography, History, Bahasa Malaysia, ICT, etc.
      Students who fail to fulfil these requirements will be retained in the existing grade.


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