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Holiday in Lieu for Awal Muharam

03 October 2016

Tyt Melaka Birthday

14 October 2016




Melaka International School is a unique school that has created a formidable reputation as Malaysia's leading green educational establishment.

Parents desire the best for their children and we provide a positive atmosphere and community where academic learning is our main objective. Students are stimulated and exposed to organic farming and at the two-acre organic farm. We also teach them recycling of wastes, preparation of organic fertilisers, organic farming methods and pest repellents. This will enable them to develop learning to live a healthy life style besides inter-personal skills and grow into a responsible and mature individual. Feeling a sense of responsibility for others develops leardership qualities and we expect a strong sense of loyalty from our students.

Experienced teachers provide a supportive environment designed to nurture in each person the growth of self-awareness and self-discipline. All members of staff are dedicated to helping students to set personal goals and develop maturity and confidence and in achieving them.

Melaka International School was awarded a 5 star rating by the Ministry of Education for excellence as an international education provider.

Thank you to all teachers, parents and students for your support.



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